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About Us

About 19 years now, Carnival Offset Printers has been developing and refining brands, mainly in the apparel fashion industry. We are the global destination for trims, branded packaging and supply chain solutions. It was intercepted in the year 2005 as Trims and Accessories firm, and we have quickly evolved to be the most trusted solution provider with comprehensive expertise in matters apparel accessories. Since our establishment in 2005. Now, we have established ourselves as a finest Trims and Accessories manufacturer based in Bangladesh to provide our services around the globe.

Sustainable Trims and Accessories Solutions

One of the things that makes Carnival Offset Printers go-to Label Printing for all the manufacturing and supplier of brand concepts, products, and graphics solutions to all the successful partners in the general retail supply chain is the fact that they are dedicated to sustainable trims and accessories. Our experienced production and service teams work closely with clients to offer high-quality brand solutions, from Heat Transfer Label, to Woven Label, and all Label solutions.

We strictly follow all the company environmental regulations regarding the Peoples Republic of Bangladesh.