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CARNIVAL OFFSET PRINTERS is the Trims and Accessories Manufacturer in Bangladesh that is defined by three things – innovative operational skills, expertise in professionalism and advanced technology.

We understand the importance of smooth and efficient logistics in the fast-paced apparel industry. That's why we offer comprehensive logistic support, including: Global Network: We leverage our extensive global network to ensure seamless sourcing, production, and delivery, regardless of your location. Customs & Compliance: Our experienced team handles all customs clearance and compliance procedures, ensuring timely and hassle-free shipments. Inventory Management: We offer flexible inventory management solutions to meet your specific needs, ensuring you have the right products on hand at the right time. Real-Time Tracking: Track your orders in real-time through our user-friendly online portal, ensuring complete transparency and peace of mind. View Details
Carnival Offset Printers emphasizes quality production. It maintains international standards in production and quality assurance. Carnival Offset has independent quality control and assurance team of 10 members. In every step of production, our QC and QA team is there to check the standard, from sourcing to sort & delivery we have 5-step checkpoints. For some of our buyers, we ship the goods by self-inspection. View Details
Our mission is to be the global leader in sustainable trims and accessories solutions for the apparel industry. We are passionate about: Empowering Brands, Sustainability, Quality & Innovation. View Details


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Are you looking for Heat transfer Labels for your Products? We specialize in providing durable, vibrant, and eco-friendly labels that add a unique touch to your garments. Our labels withstand numerous wash cycles, ensuring your brand’s visibility remains intact. We are committed to delivering excellence and meeting your specific needs with precision and care. Choose Carnival Offset Printer, and let your garments speak volumes about your brand’s quality and style. Experience the difference with us, because at Carnival Offset Printer, we believe in making your garments stand out.

Reflective Heat Transfer Label

Reflective Heat Transfer Labels are a breakthrough in garment labeling, designed to enhance visibility and safety in low-light or dark environments. These labels reflect light back to its source, making them ideal for clothing, accessories, or equipment used in low-light conditions. They can be produced in various colors, including a unique reflective material that gives the impression of different colors when viewed at different angles2. These labels are not only visually stunning but also serve as an effective product authentication tool. Experience the blend of safety, authenticity, and style with our Reflective Heat Transfer Labels.

Heat Transfer Highdency Label

Heat Transfer High Density Labels are a unique and innovative method of labeling garments. Characterized by an extra thick deposition of ink, these labels are ideal for both porous and smooth surfaces. On porous surfaces, they adhere well, while on smooth surfaces, they create a raised effect. This technology is particularly favored for its tagless feature, eliminating the irritation caused by traditional sewn-in labels. They offer enhanced comfort, durability, ease of application, and versatility in design. These labels are not only long-lasting and durable but also environmentally friendly4. They are a fantastic branding solution for the fashion industry, adding a professional touch to your garments.

Garments Care Label

Cranival Offset Printer, your trusted partner for garment labeling solutions. We specialize in providing Garments Care Labels that are integral to the longevity of your clothing. Our labels contain internationally recognized symbols, offering essential care instructions to prevent irreversible damage during care processes. They provide information on care and maintenance costs, and processes to avoid, ensuring your garment’s useful life is maximized. Our labels also warn of possible damages, like dyes running out during care and maintenance. Choose Cranival Offset Printer for your Garments Care Labels - your guide to garment longevity, and experience the perfect blend of care, durability, and style.

Hang Tags

Carnival Offset Printer, your reliable source for premium Hang Tags. We offer custom-designed, high-quality hang tags that enhance the appeal of your garments. Our hang tags are not just labels, but a reflection of your brand’s identity and commitment to quality. Crafted with precision and attention to detail, our hang tags are designed to withstand the test of time. Choose Carnival Offset Printer for hang tags that truly represent your brand and make a lasting impression. Because at Carnival Offset Printer, we believe in adding value to your garments, one tag at a time

Barcode & Price Sticker

Carnival Offset Printeris your solution for Barcode & Price Stickers for your garments. We provide high-quality, durable stickers that are easy to scan and offer excellent adhesion. Our stickers are designed to withstand various conditions, ensuring your product information remains clear and visible. Choose Carnival Offset Printer for your barcode and price sticker needs, and experience the perfect blend of quality, reliability, and affordability. Because at Carnival Offset Printer, we believe in enhancing your product’s value with our superior stickers.

Silica Gel

Carnival Offset Printer is the premier provider of Silica Gel for your garment products. We offer top-quality silica gel that effectively absorbs moisture, ensuring the longevity and freshness of your garments. Our silica gel is safe, non-toxic, and designed to meet the highest standards. Choose Carnival Offset Printer for your silica gel needs, and give your products the protection they deserve. Because at Carnival Offset Printer, we believe in safeguarding your garments’ quality, one silica gel packet at a time.

Graphics Design Solution

Welcome to Carnival Offset Printer, your one-stop solution for Graphics Design. We offer a wide range of design services tailored to your needs. Our team of experienced designers is committed to bringing your vision to life, creating designs that capture your brand’s essence and resonate with your audience. Whether you need a logo, banner, brochure, or a complete brand identity, we’ve got you covered. Choose Carnival Offset Printer, and let us transform your ideas into compelling visuals. Because at Carnival Offset Printer, we believe in the power of design to tell your story.


Offset paper reigns supreme for its diverse range of printing applications. Made for high-quality, cost-effective results, it shines in: Brochures & Flyers: Crisp graphics and text pop, leaving a lasting impression. Magazines & Catalogs: Vibrant and smooth, ideal for captivating visuals and product showcases. Newspapers & Books: Excellent ink absorption ensures clear, readable content. Business Cards & Invitations: Make a statement with professional presentations and elegant textures. Packaging & Labels: Enhance your brand with durable, customizable options. Choose from uncoated varieties for a natural feel or coated options for glossy brilliance. Eco-conscious? No worries! Sustainable offset paper offers guilt-free printing.


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M.M Morshed Chowddhury

Deputy G.M at Four H Group Dewanhat Chittagong

Carnival Offset Printers has been a cornerstone in our garment production process. Their heat seal solutions have consistently delivered on quality, durability, and design. The precision and attention to detail they bring to their work is commendable and clearly reflects in the heat seals they provide. Their team is not just professional and responsive, but also innovative and adaptable, always ready to meet our requirements. Their commitment to excellence has played a significant role in making our garments stand out. We are thankful for their dedication and look forward to many more years of successful collaboration. We wholeheartedly recommend Carnival Offset Printers for all your heat seal needs.

Alamgir Mohammed

Executive Director at MZM Textile (CEPZ Chittagong)

Working with Carnival Offset Printers has been a rewarding experience. Their heat seal solutions have greatly enhanced the appeal and durability of our tent and Garment. The quality of their work is consistently high, demonstrating their meticulousness and commitment to excellence. Their team is a blend of professionalism, creativity, and responsiveness, always willing to go the extra mile to meet our needs. They have shown great flexibility and innovation in tackling unique challenges, ensuring our garments always look their best. We appreciate their unwavering dedication and eagerly anticipate our continued partnership. For anyone seeking top-notch heat seal solutions, we highly recommend Carnival Offset Printers.